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Piloting at Herøya

Do you have a research project or a business idea that you want to test on a larger scale - in a so-called pilot phase? Establishing a pilot or demonstration plant in Herøya Industrial Park could be a significant step on the road to success.

If you have research results or a development project that you or your company would like to take forward and scale up, we can help. You know you need to test the technology and the product before going into full-scale production, but you may not know where to do it, and what you will need in a pilot phase.

The pilot phase consists of many steps, and by setting up a pilot at Herøya we will ensure that you get through the various steps smoothly:

  • Inquiry from you
  • Reception and mapping of type of project and needs
  • Find good helpers with the right skills and put together a team
  • Find suitable premises
  • Build the pilot
  • Operate the pilot
  • Correct and improve along the way
  • Make a plan for the next race

Herøya Industripark delivers a complete pilot offer, and gives you access to everything you need for a successful scale-up:

  • High industrial competence and broad experience with piloting
  • Good R&D resources
  • Access to competent labour
  • Modern and efficient infrastructure
  • Suitable premises and facilities for carrying out pilot tests
  • Financing options and a short path to the instrument apparatus

Should you wish to proceed on a full scale after the pilot phase, we hope you will consider doing so in Herøya Industripark. 

Contact us: 

Skjalg Aasland
Phone: +47 932 38 113

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