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Yara continues its success with summer interns

On Monday, 17th June, 6 new, talented students will arrive at Yara Porsgrunn, ready to tackle this year's summer project.
portrait of woman, posing, white helmet, yellow and blue jacket, long blond hair, goggles. She is standing in a street in an industrial park. Decorated concrete wall behind her. Continues the success with summer interns. "We look forward to their arrival in June," says Merete Østby, digital manager at Yara Porsgrunn. Photo: Siri Krohn-Fagervoll/Herøya Industripark AS.

This year's challenge for the summer interns focuses on sustainability and the environment. By creating a current overview, they will help Yara further reduce its emissions related to fertiliser production.

"Yara's goal is to ensure food for the world's population in a responsible and sustainable manner", says Merete Østby, Digital Manager at Yara. "At the Porsgrunn plant, this means, among other things, working towards sustainable value creation by cutting production emissions."

Need for good digital solutions

To further focus on this, Yara needs good digital solutions that visualise key figures related to emissions and the environment for all the factories at Herøya. "This will provide excellent decision support and the opportunity for targeted improvement activities."

Continuing success

The success with summer interns continues. Six talented students from various study fields and universities have been selected from a total of 92 applicants. Across disciplines, they will work together to develop a digital solution in the areas of environment and sustainability.


six portraits of young students, three young women and three young men, put together in one photo
Summer students 2024. Photo: Yara.

Yara presents its summer interns in the picture above. Top row from the left: Tobias Bostrøm, studying Industrial Ecology at NTNU. Ane-Kristine Kjølner, Industrial Chemistry and Biotechnology at NTNU. Julie Glomsås, Industrial Chemistry and Biotechnology with a specialisation in Chemical Process Technology. Oline Jonstang, Industrial Chemistry and Biotechnology at NTNU. Martin Hegnum Johannessen, Computer Engineering at NTNU. Magnus Nordheim, Industrial Economics with a specialisation in Mechanical and Product Development at NMBU. 

Unique opportunity for learning and innovation

The summer project offers a unique opportunity for learning and innovation.

"Through this project, the interns have the opportunity to become familiar with all our production plants," says Østby. "They get to see the entirety of fertiliser production and the complex interconnections that exist within a plant. At the same time, they gain valuable experience and learning from cross-disciplinary collaboration as they work on creating digital innovation."

New solutions to important environmental challenges

"The summer project is a great opportunity for Yara to attract talented students, and not least, a good way to identify new ideas and solutions to important challenges and improvement opportunities," Østby emphasises. "We are very excited to work with the interns this summer!"



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