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Winter boosts Addcon to record turnover

There has been significant demand for de-icing products in Scandinavia and Europe's airports this winter, and Addcon Nordic at Herøya is producing at full capacity.
three men posing, wearing PPE, standing close to big bags of products, all smiling. Really pleased: from left CEO Per Ove Jakobsen, production manager Jan Liane, and Øyvind Oskarsen Due, HSEQ manager.

At its production facilities at Herøya, ADDCON Nordic produces a range of specialty products based on formates and formic acid. One of the products is de-icing used on airport grounds. This winter the de-icing products brought record turnover for the company.

"Over the past few months, unusually large quantities of our de-icing products have been delivered to airports. The weather we've had so far this winter has created a significant demand for our Swan-labeled runway de-icing products Aviform and Viaform," says the management team at Addcon Nordic, Jan Liane, production manager, Øyvind Oskarsen Due, HSEQ manager, and Per Ove Jakobsen, CEO.

Largest in Europe

In 2022, they won a significant contract with the product developed at Herøya, and now Addcon has become the largest in Europe for de-icing products. Addcon supplies products to Scandinavian airports and several of the largest European airports, including Frankfurt.

"The de-icing products Aviform and Viaform are utilised on airports, football fields, and urban and suburban roads. Their freezing point reaches as low as minus 50.6 degrees Celsius and contains potassium formate, which does not harm groundwater or vegetation," informs Øyvind Oskarsen Due.


Read more about the great contract and their significant investments at Herøya.

About Addcon Nordic

The unit has approximately 60 employees in Porsgrunn and generates revenues of over 600 million Norwegian kroner. Addcon Nordic is owned by the Italian ESSECO Group.



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