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Vianode invests NOK 2 billion at Herøya

Vianode invests NOK 2 billion in production of critical battery materials at Herøya. This investment is the first phase in a larger investment plan.
five people standing with their backs to a wall covered in company logoes "This is a fantastic day," said general manager of Vianode, Stian Madshus at the press conference today in Herøya Industripark, together with county mayor Terje Riis-Johansen, deputy mayor of Porsgrunn, Anne Kristine Grøtting and Hedda Foss Five, mayor of Skien.

Everyone was excited today and many wanted to congratulate. The county mayor, mayors, NHO, invited guests and partners in Vianode celebrated the investment decision. Investment will now be made in a new plant for graphite production at Herøya, an establishment which will initially provide around 160 jobs.

Important for Norway

County mayor Terje Riis-Johansen believed that this investment is not only important for Grenland, but for the whole of Norway. "This shows that we can create green workplaces in challenging times where many factors are uncertain." 

group photo
County mayor Terje Riis-Johansen, deputy mayor Porsgrunn Anne Kristin Grøtting and mayor of Skien Hedda Foss Five together with Vianode's management and partners.

Low COfootprint

Stian Madshus, general manager for Vianode, explained that the global demand for batteries is growing rapidly, driven by the green transition, but there is not sufficient ramp-up of battery materials production.

"Europe is facing a significant shortfall of graphite materials towards 2030, which Vianode aims to address with our high-performance offerings. Automakers and authorities are also increasingly focused on a sustainable value chain, where Vianode has a unique offering with our low CO2 footprint."

New jobs in industry

Today’s investment decision means that the company will be recruiting approximately 100 new hires, bringing the total to around 160 by the end of 2023. With a potential investment decision for a second phase plant, this can double to 300 employees by the end of 2026. Including ripple effects, this means around 1000 jobs in total.

See Vianodes press release here.

two men in suits one is giving speach and the other is holding flowers
Sverre Gotaas, managing director Herøya Industripark AS congratulates Stian Madshus from Vianode on the large investment at Herøya, one of the largest investments in the industrial park's recent history.


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