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The Defence exercises at Herøya

This week, the defence forces from Task Force Gunnerside, HV-03, will be training in our local area. Mainly in Skien, but also by the REC buildings and Adminiet at Herøya.
man wearing military uniform, leaning to a military vehicle, posing, sivil traffic in background Ready for training in Grenland: Liaison Officer in Task Force Gunnerside, Captain Sjak R. Haaheim.

From 11th to 15th June, Task Force Gunnerside will be training in Grenland. They will be training with civilian participants, including emergency services and the leadership of Skien Municipality. Additionally, they will have a training area in the eastern part of the industrial park.

Crisis/Conflict training

The exercise scenario is set to a crisis/conflict situation where Norway is in conflict with another country.

"The County Governor has requested assistance from the Defence to carry out security tasks and what we call guard tasks. Therefore, there will be considerable military activity in Grenland during this period, with a particular focus on areas in Skien and the eastern part of the industrial park in Herøya, near the REC buildings and Adminiet," explains Liaison Officer in Task Force Gunnerside, Captain Sjak R. Haaheim.


Liaison Officer Task Force Gunnerside, Captain Sjak R. Haaheim, giving information on the exercise at a press conference Friday 7th June.

Military traffic and soldiers

The training will involve military vehicle traffic and soldiers on foot in the area. "Depending on the scenario we are training for, blank ammunition that can cause noise will be used," says Haaheim.

Who is Gunnerside?

Task Force Gunnerside is part of the Home Guard's rapid reaction forces, trained for swift and decisive response in security policy crises or war. The unit consists of local men and women with civilian networks in addition to military skills.

Civil Defence tests sirens

On the second Wednesday in January and June, the Civil Defence tests the siren system and alerts the residents. On Wednesday, 12th June, such a test will be conducted, regardless of the military exercise.



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