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Taking the lead with efficient mini power plants for solar and wind

The future energy sources, solar and wind, come free of charge. Norhybrid Renewables is ready with Norway's first hybrid mini facility for efficient electricity production.
Seven people leaning into the table, standing close together, posing, office environment Norhybrid's founding team is at the forefront of maximasing energy from the combination of solar and wind power in hybrid mini facilities. From left: Immanuel Ninma Jiya, Mehdi Khaki Arani, Carl Ivar Holmen, Peder Thysted, Roman Stoiber, Trond Sørensen, and Polina Gotuleac.

The founding team of Norhybrid Renewables AS, affiliated with the Proventia incubation environment at Herøya, has spent a considerable amount of time maximising energy from solar and wind power in combination with energy storage. In a short period, they have become perhaps Norway's foremost and fastest-growing professional community.

Great interest

Recently, Norhybrid launched its first mini hybrid plant at Lista in Rogaland with significant success among the invited guests.

three wind mills, vertical blades, solar panels, people gathering on the site.
Hydro Rein, Rystad Energy, business leaders, and partners gather with keen interest around Norhybrid's mini power plant. Photo: Norhybrid Renewables AS.

Three small vertical wind turbines, plus solar panels, plus a battery, are all that is needed to be supplied with stable and affordable green energy, according to the founders.

"We are not the only ones combining solar panels and wind turbines with a battery, a so-called hybrid solution, but we are the first in the field of mini power plants in Norway and the Nordic region, and perhaps even worldwide," say the delighted Norhybrid founders.

Remarkably good

Norhybrid's wind turbines have been tested in harsh wind conditions at Lista in Rogaland county since May, without interruption even when the storm Hans visited.

"For us, it is very satisfying to have tested the facility in extreme weather conditions. The results are remarkably good, and we see that wind turbines in clusters reinforce each other," says Roman Stoiber, technical director.

Man stands close to building and talks to people in front of him, all wearing thick winter coats and hoods.
Steady and stable power supply throughout the year: Roman Stoiber, Technical Director, explains that the combination of solar and wind maximises energy output, and with the addition of a battery, achieves a steady and stable power supply throughout the year. Photo: Norhybrid Renewables AS.

Locally produced and consumed energy

Norhybrid believes their contribution is important because the energy is produced and consumed directly and locally.

"If 4-5 businesses in a place with good wind conditions in Grenland have 5 turbines each, capacity in the power grid is freed up. Many small streams make a big river; it is, in a way, the approach to distributed energy production," they explain.

"A mini hybrid plant can also fit here in Grenland. There are good wind conditions, including at Frier Vest, places along E18, and the coast, but we do not solve the power needs of the industry with this technology, the founders point out.

group of 7 people sitting and standing around a red couch in an office environment.
Norhybrid founders, ready to tackle your next energy transition for a greener future.

Capacity and stable power price

The company is experiencing enormous interest from agriculture, both in solar and wind power. Light industry businesses and the private market are also on board.

"We want the entire spectrum of customers, those who need smaller installations, for example, in agriculture, or larger installations in the industry. Customers are concerned about various factors, including self-sufficiency in power, reduced peaks in tariffs, sustainability measures, and greater predictability. We show customers that by combining solar and wind, complementarity between these two energy sources is achieved, resulting in greater capacity utilisation and a more stable power price over time."

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