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Students test 5G networks and equipment at Yara this summer

The students working at Yara carry out a number of tests of 5G networks and equipment at Herøya.
three male students standing together monitoring device showing 5G coverage Studying coverage: from left Daniel Teigen, Martin Kristoffer Gløsmyr and Vetle Rasmussen study coverage and speed on the 5G network at Yara.

The three students, Vetle Rasmussen, Martin Kristoffer Gløsmyr and Daniel Teigen have slightly different tasks for Yara. Daniel Teigen works primarily with 5G testing and equipment. Vetle and Martin Kristoffer work partly with 5G testing, but also participate in a study on what opportunities there are for a new communication system in the factories. 

student is testing and preparing a model car for driving on the 5G network
27th May 2022: Daniel Teigen prepares a car model that runs on a 5G network. The Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry Jan Christian Vestre had the pleasure of driving the car on May 30, kick starting the opening / commercialisation of Telenor's 5G network at Yara.

Industrial master's - a win-win

Yara, like several other companies in Grenland and Vestfold, has entered into a partnership agreement with University of South-Eastern Norway, USN, the Porsgrunn campus, to offer students industrial master's education. This is an education that combines practice and theory in the field of automation in a 3-year master's course. Students are employed in a 50% position during their studies.

Through the master's degree program, Yara, and other companies that participate in the scheme, gain access to updated expertise in an important field that is needed in the future, such as digitization. USN, for its part, has access to real issues, and can conduct relevant research. A win-win scheme. 

three male students sitting in chairs at their office space
At the office: from left Martin Kristoffer Gløsmyr, Vetle Rasmussen and Daniel Teigen at the students "Head-office" in Building 3.

Pick the best

Martin Kristoffer Gløsmyr, from Skien, has a bachelor's degree in automation from NTNU, and goes straight from a summer job to the industrial master's program this autumn. Daniel Teigen, also from Porsgrunn, is well underway with his industrial master, and intends to complete it in two years. Yara has hand-picked its master's candidates, and secures the best. The candidates write their master's theses for Yara.

Vetle Rasmussen, from Skien, has applied for a summer job with Yara Porsgrunn. He studies cybernetics at NTNU, has finished three years, and will return in the autumn and complete his master's in Trondheim.

Very pleased

Merete Østvåg Østby and Stig Myrland are responsible for following up the summer students. 

man and woman standing in a meeting room
From left Stig Myrland and Merete Steinvåg Østby, both Yara.

"We are very pleased with our candidates and that we have joined the scheme with industrial masters. It is important for building competence and industrial development. The fact that we also have the opportunity to recruit our own summer temps to our department means that we are helping to build relationships and market Yara as an attractive workplace for important education in automation, digitization and process data," they say.

Relevant tasks

In field testing outside, Daniel talks about and points to several of Telenor's 5 antenna systems located outside on different buildings, ie 5 area zones. The EU's Flagship project, "5G-Solutions", carries out tests with advanced 5G equipment in the field involving those who use and operate the equipment. "Our test results are collected as experience data into the project," says Daniel.

The three students thrive at Yara. "The tasks are varied and we get an understanding of the processes. There is a lot of advanced regulation of these processes, and it is one of the most exciting things to get acquainted with," says Vetle Rasmussen.

three students on a job testing 5G coverage outside in the industrial park.
Testing in the field outside, near the Yara Birkeland quay.


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