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Prime minister opens Yara's hydrogen plant

A significant milestone was reached today as Yara officially opened its new hydrogen plant at Herøya.
two men, wearing PPE, one is gesticulating while talking, posing, standing in a hydrogen plant. Opening ceremony. Project leader Reidar Tveit from Yara proudly presented the new hydrogen plant to Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre.

Yara is now producing renewable hydrogen and ammonia, and has already delivered the first tonnes of fertiliser made with renewable ammonia from the plant.

Europe's Largest

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre inaugurated the new 24 MW renewable hydrogen plant today. The facility is the largest of its kind operating in Europe. The hydrogen is produced using renewable energy and electrolysis of water, replacing natural gas as a raw material. This transition allows Yara to cut CO2 emissions by 41,000 tonnes annually.


two men standing at the bottom of the stairs and in front of the hydrogen plant at Herøya. Both wearing PPE.
Prime minister Jonas Gahr Støre and Svein Tore Holsether, CEO Yara.

Reducing Climate Impact

The low-carbon fertiliser produced at the plant will be part of a new portfolio called Yara Climate Choice under Yara Clean Ammonia. These solutions will benefit crops while helping to decarbonise the food value chain and reduce the climate impact of fertiliser. In addition to fertiliser produced via electrolysis of water and renewable energy, Yara's future portfolio will also include low-carbon ammonia fertiliser produced using carbon capture and storage (CCS).

For more information, see Yara's press release here.


young man, PPE, guiding the press around in the plant.
Guiding the press around in the facility.
A lot of press, wearing yellow helmets, on their way in to the plant.
Both Norwegian and international press showed interest in the new hydrogen plant.
two women and one man standing in front of an electolyser, posing, smiling. all wearing PPE.
Big day! From left Hilde Steinfeld, Communications Director, Lise Winther, SVP Upstream projects and technologies, and Magnus Krogh Ankarstrand, president, all three Yara Clean Ammonia.
Inside the hydrogen plant. pumps and tanks.
New technology in an old but rehabilitated building.
to menn i gule og blå klær, hvite hjelmer, forklare prosessen for fremmøtte. poserer.
From left Stian Dreyer Jonskås and Geir Thorson Solvi explaining the process to the visitors.
About 10 people playing brass instruments.
Yara's own brass-band.
a man  tears off a paper covering the plaque. Jonas is written on it.
Project manager Reidar Tveit tears off the paper covering the plaque. Jonas has been given his own tank and thus an incorporated team member.
prime minister standing next to tank with his name on a plague.
- Great, it's an honour, thank you!
two men smiling, posing, standing next to a tank with a name written on a plague.
Reidar Tveit has ensured that Svein Tore Holsether has also had his own tank named after him.
three persons, one organising a selfie, the press are taking pictures.
Time for a selfie: from left Hans Olav Raen, CEO Yara Clean Ammonia, Jonas Gahr Støre, and Lise Winther, SVP Upstream projects and technologies, Yara Clean Ammonia.
two men posing, with their back to a door for technical room.
From the left, Roger Hansen, chief union representative at Yara, and Tor Morten Thorsen, head of IE at Bilfinger.
audience and guest sitting on fold-up chair, yellow helmets and thin rain wear.
Just a little drissle.
audience taking pictures with their mobile.
Many wanted to capture the moment.


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