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Helicopter operations in April

Herøya Nett is planning to install equipment on the power lines stretch from Herøya Industrial Park to Knardalstrand in weeks 16 and 18.
two men next to eachother, posing, yellow jackets, white helmets, in a street in an industry area, green trees and an indstrial building in background The extensive project is coming to its end: from left, Øyvind Nyhus, managing director, and Lars Kringlåk, project manager, both of Herøya Nett AS, are finalising the extensive project that startet November 2023.

The major project initiated by Herøya Nett in autumn 2023, involving the replacement of power lines between the high-voltage facility in the industrial park and the switching station at Knardalstrand, is now in its final phase.

"In weeks 16 and 18 power line markers will be installed and fiber will be spun on the power lines, with the use of helicopters for large parts of the activities. This work is scheduled to take place in week 16, starting on Tuesday, 16th April, and in week 18, starting on Monday, 29th April, informs Øyvind Nyhus, leader of Herøya Nett AS.

Follow instructions

While the work is ongoing, there will be limited access for shorter periods in the areas under the power lines in the industrial park. Ground crews will be on duty.

"Vehicles will be able to pass in the area, but pedestrians and cyclists will be redirected while the work is ongoing. Please follow instructions," says Lars Kringlåk, project manager at Herøya Nett AS.


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